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Adding embroidery to the Design Dog Tee arsenal!

embroidered Saxon Pub caps
The brand new embroidered caps for South Austin icon Saxon Pub are a big hit!

As the business is growing, so is the demand for unique services and products. Being able to offer embroidery has been a great addition to our business. There's something about seeing your logo sewn onto a cap or polo shirt that gets your heart pounding. It just LOOKS NICE! It's that simple. For some reason, embroidery has a way of making things look legit. While it is more expensive to do than screen printing, the extra investment always pays off. It takes your brand to the next level, and people know you mean business.

Embroidery has been around for hundreds of years. Like many things, it has evolved from hand made works of art, done with amazing skill, to the modern day machines and technology that are equally fantastic. Many shops offer embroidery as a way to supplement screen printed products. I find that embroidered caps are, by far, the most popular to have done. A simple, bold logo or image looks the best, in my opinion. Custom embroidery can also be done on golf bags, back packs, seat covers and other wacky stuff.

Not everything is suitable for embroidery. In most cases, screen printing is still the most logical and economical option, but whenever possible, it's great to throw in some great looking embroidery to class up your project!

baseball caps being embroidered on a machine.
A modern day embroidery machine stitches several caps at once!

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